Elie Ceberio

Why Nole Pride Should Be At An All Time High

Elie Ceberio

It's time to stand together as a student body and support our University rather than fear it

At approximately 12:30am on November 20th, a gunman entered Strozier library and opened fire. With an outstanding performance by both the FSU Police and Tallahassee Police Department the library was secured in under five minutes. Not only does Florida State University need our support more than anything, but all of our local officers deserve it as well. 

As a student, I understand the immediate rush of fear that came with receiving the alerts to our cell phones in the middle of the night. I also clearly remember my sense of relief when I received the all clear. In such a terrifying and earth shattering event our school remained as calm and collected while resolving the incident to the best of their ability. 

The obvious reaction is to be frightened and fear our campus, and rightfully so. But I challenge each and every one of you to take the high route and recognize the incredible strength that fear can give you. If we were to stop living our lives anytime something scared us, then we would never life to the fullest. Every broken heart, every nail biting football game (we can all understand that right now), every time we slip on the stairs, or anytime life throw us a curveball we would all live the most boring and unfulfilled journeys. We must stand strong, together through this tragedy that will inevitably follow us for quite some time. 

In situations like these, tragedy strikes in the most unexpected of ways. The best approach for us all is to take precautions in our daily lives. In order to make ourselves feel safe, we must prepare for things that we can never see coming. Never walk alone at night, always carry some form of protection whether it be a blow horn, pepper spray, or even an alert app ready on your phone. Never assume that you'll know what to do in the face of danger, but always feel  confident that you are as prepared as possible to get yourself to safety. 

On this campus we have the support of our friends, our faculty, our loved ones, and even our rivals. We are safe here at Florida State among people who are all being challenged to use their fear as passion, and to reassure everyone that we are not only unconquered on the football field, but we are all unconquered as a university. 


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