Elie Ceberio

Trends That Need to End in 2015

Elie Ceberio

People tend to hold on to the past, it's one of our biggest flaws. However, reflecting on the past is how we learn from our mistakes and grow. Fashion mistakes are one's that haunt us forever, for one specific reason; photographic evidence. Some trends continue for way too long, as in, they never should have started. 


Here are some of these trends that we need to leave behind us, and possibly burn the evidence. 

Black Lipstick

To be blunt, if Bey looks bad, no one can look good in it. Black lipstick is one of those things you keep in your junk drawer for the off chance that you want to dress up as Morticia Addams this Halloween. It is not, and I repeat is not a part of your weekend Tabu attire. With all of the beautiful options for lipstick colors, lets leave the black for costumes. 

Butt-Cheeks As Your "Asset     

When people tell you to choose one asset and flaunt it, I'm afraid some people might be omitting the last couple of letters from "asset." Cheekies are meant for your underwear drawer ladies, so unless you're into denim underwear lets retire this trend. There are plenty of high-waisted shorts with a flat hem that do not take on the shape of your panties as you dance the night away. It's already been decided by every man on the planet that they're not flattering, and lord knows they're not comfortable, so why can't we just give them up for good? 

The High-Low Hem

I often wonder how this hem-line came about. Was it a sewing error? Did someone catch the front half of their dress in the pool drain? I'm just not sure how exposing your shins and your shins only seems like the way to go. Of course, like everyone else I have had my fair share of high-low skirts. During rush I'm pretty sure I whipped it out at least twice, but I have learned from my past and moved on. Lets be strong together and move past this wretched shape. 

Wedge Sneakers

This street style trend seemed like a good idea when they first hit the fashion world. Short girls everywhere now have a solution for their height difference. If you want to look like you have trunks for feet then these are definitely the shoes for you. Everything from the bottom of your shin down immediately turns in to one big glob. 

Too Much Midriff

Even if you have the greatest most beautiful body in the world, this is never acceptable. My rule is 2 inches, and that is pushing it. But anymore than two inches of midriff is just way too much. 


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