Elie Ceberio

Nine of the Most Simple Life Pleasures

Elie Ceberio

It's always the smallest things that give you the biggest high.

Girls are always complaining that they want to be courted with large gestures and huge photographed moments. What we women need to remember is that small high you get when something so simple and unexpected happens in life that gives you the most ridiculous and embarrassingly large smile. Have you ever gone to McDonald's on a budget and ordered off of the dollar menu and accidentally been given the meal meant for the baller behind you? You feel so guilty, and not only for the calories, but you take that meal down with near tears in your eyes. These little moments, when you're almost embarrassed at how much you're smiling, truly are the things that add up to make the happiest people. 

  1. Finding money in your pocket: This one is particularly amazing, because you don't have to feel guilty for taking someone else's lost money. It's like buying yourself a gift; it just feels so good. 
  2. Getting more than you paid/asked for: Whether it's the previously mentioned McDonald's win or extra change at the bar, that small increase in fortune gives me the Wolf of Wall Street complex for the entire afternoon. 
  3. Heading to the counter to pay and finding out there's a sale: Going to the sale section is gratifying enough as it is, but when you head to the counter with an $80 spree and leave paying $40 — it feels like you just won a Grammy. 
  4. Class being cancelled: There is nothing like the morning email from your professor informing you that your 9 a.m. class has been cancelled. Let's be real, you're not going to do anything valuable with those extra hours, but just knowing you don't have to sit in a different room to troll your ex's new significant other's Facebook is a great thing. Now you can do it in your pajamas. 
  5. Getting new clothes so you don't have to do laundry: No clean underwear? Guess what? Hanes sells them by the 5 pack and they are incredibly soft. 
  6. Hearing your favorite song at the bar: The entire mood changes when "Blank Space" comes on. Suddenly, everyone is having a good time and probably singing way louder than they ought to. Put on some Nickelback and everyone pretends to hate it while they secretly belt out every word. I can't be the only one who notices this. 
  7. Surprise kisses: Now, clearly, unwanted surprise kisses do not fall into this category. But there is absolutely nothing better than when your S.O. kisses you when you're preoccupied with something else. You know you turn into a goober for the next five minutes, grinning like the first time you were potty trained. 
  8. The rain being your excuse for never getting out of bed: We all have those days when we want to stay in bed, but when everyone is going to the bar to day drink and you get FOMOm it's hard to resist. When it's raining, there is nothing more satisfying than the haze of Netflix you fall into.
  9. Being in the right place at the right time: This is pretty self-explanatory. Whether you're the 100th person in line and win a free lifetime membership or you happen to be on the right side of fate, this is always a life-changing event. 


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