Elie Ceberio

New Years Resolutions to Make Stick This Year

Elie Ceberio

Every year is a challenge to make your resolution last past the first month

Each year, we make resolutions that don't stick with us past the month of January. Whether it may be to lose weight, to reach a specific goal, or something as simple as to learn a skill, we seem to let go of our resolutions as quickly as we declare them. This holiday, I am going to make sure that my New Year's resolution is one that I am dedicated to keeping, something to better myself and get me to where I want to be in life. Here are some New Year's resolutions that are worth keeping past the New Year. 

  1. A better outlook: Many of us (including myself) are guilty of being narcissistic beings at times. This New Year is as good of a time as any to change our ways and declare a more positive outlook on life. A lot of our mentality comes straight from our own will, and with enough effort, we can learn to see the good in every situation. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger (#amiright?).
  2. Personal hygiene: I know, ew right? Isn't this a basic part of life? Well, in college, we are all guilty of waking up way too hungover to shower. How about those all nighters in Stroz? Rarely do we see a shower break during finals. During winter, well it's just so cold. And ladies, with legging season upon us, we are all guilty of forgetting a shave or two. Nothing says unproductive like hairy legs. I am here to tell you that when you properly primp yourself for every day like it's a special day, well, then it just may become a special day. 
  3. Eating healthy: The important aspect of this is to not make your goal a certain weight, it is to change your lifestyle entirely. People who eat to lose weight eventually will reach their goal and then let go of their good habits. When you set an entire new lifestyle with new habits, that is when you truly see a change. Now before you think I'm am a fitness guru, I am still waiting to make this change myself, so, see you at the starting line. 
  4. Planning: Have you ever woken up on the morning of a huge meeting or event? You just pop right out of bed so excited to take on the day that you hardly realize you've risen before the sun. This can also be applied to every day tasks. When you plan your important or exciting tasks first thing in the morning, it makes it astronomically easier to wake up. As the laziest person in my family, I can attest to this. 
  5. Sticking to your goals: This is the most important of all resolutions. Whether it is our New Year's resolution, or just our daily errands, it is incredibly important that we stick to the goals we set, or else we will come back around to a new year or in the same place we started. 


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