Elie Ceberio

Joan Rivers: The Ultimate Fashion Pioneer

Elie Ceberio

Let's Remember the Star-Studded Angel's Spunk

Joan Rivers died from cardiac arrest on September 4, due to complication with a routine throat procedure. 

Joan Rivers was a woman after my own heart; equal parts crude and classy. She spoke her mind at all times, and in doing so led the women of this great nation to a better sense of style. Being a role model to fashionistas of all ages, we could expect nothing less from the great Joan Ranger than a true red carpet funeral. 


Continuing her legacy, the funeral services were bold, brilliant, and hysterical. Howard Stern delivered the eulogy, while Joan’s daughter Melissa read a playful excerpt from her upcoming book “A Letter to my Mother.” It was a grand event, including a stellar “Broadway” performance by Rivers' dear friend Hugh Jackman, which she had previously requested.

As the creator of Live From the Red Carpet, featured on the E! Network, Joan Rivers continued to be a fashion pioneer by hosting the network's hit show Fashion Police, where she and her co-stars showed no mercy when they commented on celebrities' outfits of the week (#OOTW). In addition to her immense success on the E! Network, Rivers hosted a weekly web show, wrote numerous best-selling novels, appeared on Broadway, starred in several popular television series, and continued to lead the world of fashion with her blunt and brutal opinion until her very last day. 

Joan Rivers is not just a faint memory. Her presence will forever be on the red carpet, and deeply rooted in every inquisitive “Who are you wearing?” She will be that voice in everyone’s head when something prances across the red carpet and just feels so wrong. It’s like she always said, “I succeeded by saying what everyone else was thinking.”   

Of course, her success did not come without much struggle. Honesty makes many enemies. With a complete lack of filter, no one was safe from Rivers and her judgment. God forbid anyone who may cross her, the wrath of this “fash-hole” had an immense reach. 

The popular feud between Joan Rivers and Anne Hathaway attracted lots of attention from the fans of Anne, and brought some heat into Rivers life. However, being a diva such as herself, she had zero tolerance for hate directed towards her. She simply reflects back with a pithy comment or two and moves on before you even know what happened.   

The ultimate diva, or some would say devil, will always be the ultimate fashion pioneer. Her iconic style, her witty remarks, and her unfathomable vulgarity can never be surpassed.

As one fan commented on Twitter following her death, “She is other world dirty on an absolutely brilliant level.” She was one of a kind, and her memory lives on through the love of her friends, family, and her daughter Melissa. In the words of our extravagant angel, “life is a movie and you’re the star. Give it a happy ending.” 



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