Elie Ceberio

Farewell To Who I Used To Be

Elie Ceberio

Escape the expected and find yourself somewhere new

The majority of recent graduates resort to moving home to "save money and find a job immediately following senior year. This article is a challenge to all of you with an impending graduation. Go off somewhere new, even if only for a few months, and discover new things about yourself. 

Going to a place where you know no one, and know nothing of the city, challenges you to become a fully functioning individual. You will become independent, carefree, passionate and, most of all, you will become unique. Something about being on your own in a strange place allows you to grow at a much more exponential rate than in the same setting you grew up in. 

People are always surprised when I tell them my plans after college, mostly I because I have always been so close with my family. Having lived my whole life no longer than 20 minutes from my parents, I can't imagine the day when I can't just go home for a bowl of soup when I contract my monthly cold. But this is the time. No matter how scared, or insecure we may feel on our own, this is precisely why we should all attempt a great solo adventure. If we always return to the things we know, then we will repeat our days, every day, for the rest of our lives. 

College is a time like no other, but the years immediately following are the ones that define us as people and shape our mentality and character -- not our GPA, not what organizations we were involved with. These things are not taught at university, they are taught by experiences that only truly become yours when you take risks and put yourselves out there.

There are obvious concerns such as money, security, companionship, and loneliness. There are always things to fear when crossing into the unknown, but if there is ever a time to challenge yourself, and to expand your life, this is the time.

Escape while there is nothing to escape from. We are young, wild, and free. Absolutely nothing is keeping us from experiencing the world in exactly the way we want to. 



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