Elie Ceberio

Embracing Entourage: The Female Perspective

Elie Ceberio

Not everything on television is meant to be offensive. Here is why I've learned to thoroughly enjoy watching a boys show.

With the new Entourage film being released in June, I figured now was as good a time as ever to address the show Entourage and why, as a woman, I have still enjoyed the show immensely and encourage other women to also embrace it. 

For starters, this show has faced a lot of criticism from the feminist community about treating all of the female characters as trophies. The truth is, every show on television is not required to have a powerhouse leading lady. Occasionally, it is okay for there to be a show embracing the weird male bond that women will never quite understand. Trust me, I get it. As a female, myself, I am extremely familiar with the full spectrum of emotion, and of nonsensical thoughts. However, watching this show is not only extraordinarily entertaining, but it has taught me so much about the realities of the entertainment business and men, for that matter. 

Let's count down the reasons why Entourage is such a great show, for both men and women. 

Let's start with the basics. Look. At. This. Face

This is Adrian Grenier, aka Vincent Chase. As much as we love to give guys a hard time about their admiration for women's physiques, we are all guilty of watching television solely for the hunky male leads. Well, ladies, Vincent Chase has got it all. He's successful, charismatic, adorably naive at times, and has a huge heart. Yes, he is a ladies man and heart breaker, at times, but he is a great friend and a great person. If there is one surface reason to watch Entourage, it is to watch this beautiful man work his magic.

We all gain insight into the male friendship bond.

Every girl has, at one point, felt like she was taking a backseat to a man's best friends. We terrorize ourselves with the idea of what they could possibly be doing. There is something quite different about men's and women's relationships that, for me, was clearly demonstrated through the brotherhood of the Entourage cast. Guys love nothing more than to rag on their best friends, but this core entourage serve it up real wretched. They hold nothing back, but they also don't take it from anyone else. They do anything for one another, and I do mean anything. They are loyal, and loving, and always thinking of what will serve the group the best. Vince doesn't even take a movie role without consulting the entire group. Girls' minds wander too much to grasp the idea that guys need guy time just as much as we need gossip and fruity drinks. We would all have a much healthier mentality if we understood that fact and embraced our time away from our men as much as our time together. 

The show is partly based on reality.

 Most people don't realize that this show is based on many real experiences.  Mark Wahlberg, one of the main producers, has said that Vincent Chase's life is a rough tribute to his experiences trying to make it in Hollywood. In addition to that glory, the character of Ari Gold is based on Wahlberg's actual agent, Ari Emanuel. This baller actually exists and, my god, don't we all want to have lunch with that man. We may not like him, but we sure do love him.

We should all learn to take men's humor as exactly that 

-- humor.

 I cannot tell you how many times guys are shocked at the things I say or laugh at. As much as women have progressed and taken to our roles as successful professionals, men still consider us to be fragile and delicate creatures. Let's face it, most of us are. I constantly find myself regretting a weekly emotional breakdown over something that was never meant to be an issue. We dissect every single thing that people say and turn it into an insult. Men joke, period. They don't like to take the majority of life seriously and especially not when they don't have to. There is something truly beautiful about a girl who can seamlessly fit in with the boys. Now, I don't mean pizza, hot wings, and playboy magazine on a Wednesday night. But when a guy feels comfortable taking you out with his friends and doesn't have to worry about what they say or do around you, everything is a lot more fun and I guarantee you won't have that backseat feeling anymore. 

Basically, even though this show clearly targets the fraternity brothers of the year, there is absolutely no reason women can't find as much pleasure in watching a light-hearted and fun show. So start catching up on HBO ladies, because the full feature is released on June 5th. 


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