Elie Ceberio

5 Things About Being Basic That Are Constantly Misunderstood

Elie Ceberio

There are many opinions of what a basic girl is, but my personal favorite came from the viewers of College Humor saying that this woman is "a terminally boring Sex and the City viewer and consumer of pumpkin-spice lattes." 

Have you ever had a pumpkin spice latte? It's a warm, delicious beverage made with the more syrup and sugar than any other coffee drink, topped with only the most perfectly concentrated caramel for the most adventurous of us. Basically, it's delicious. 


Now pair that with a Sex and the City marathon and well, that's a magical afternoon. Most people take this "basic" claim as an insult. It seems like daily I hear girls claiming that they are "so not basic," or my favorite, "I'm not like most girls."

Well ladies, I am here to proudly proclaim that being basic is one of life's great qualities. Regardless of your personality, confidence is about owning exactly who you are, not who you wish to be. 

Here are some of the activities of the "basic girl" that are wildly misunderstood:

Re-runs of old T.V. shows/episodes:
There's a reason that Sex and the City and Friends are constantly on the television; they're wonderful shows with relatable characters. People like to watch television that they can relate to because it allows them to escape their incredibly basic lives for an hour or two. Now, the re-watching of current shows is my personal favorite. Yes, I did watch the last season finale of Vampire Diaries about seven times. Why, you ask? It's simple, we keep watching because we hope that the outcome will change. There's no way Damon is dead, that's all I'm going to say.

The infamous pumpkin spice latte:
Really this relates to any whipped, frothy or skinny latte you can order at Starbucks. To be quite frank, a lot of times I order a coffee to walk to class with because I just don't know what to do with my hands. Other times I get some combination of a soy mocha something with whip cream and extra caramel drizzle because it tastes like a shot of life. I can't convince you with my words so just get one next time you're feeling down and tell me you aren't ready to take on the world.

Pouty selfie vs. ugly selfie:
There are two types of selfies for the basic girls of the world. There is the pouty, sexy selfie we all snapchat moments after our first drink of the night, and then there is the staying in to study selfie with no makeup and a forced uncomfortable face involving two or more chins. Both are equally empowering and this is why; if you love yourself enough to share both your most attractive and least attractive moments, then you've officially owned all aspects of your body and no one can tear you down. 

High-waisted jean shorts:
Now, as a self-proclaimed fashionista, I have a difficult time with this one. Personally, my hips-to-waist ratio doesn't allow for the comfortable wearing of these shorts. This being said, I see the appeal. They cover our most self-conscious of body parts (the muffin top) and allow us to wear the smallest of crop tops without showing our entire midriff section. They make us feel thin, while simultaneously having the safety of shorts and allowing us to frolic wildly. 

Girls night:
This one is easy to explain. Sometimes we don't want to face the pressures of the outside world. Sometimes we just want to talk to the people that make us feel good and know our innermost thoughts. Sometimes we need to talk about that completely irrelevant relationship we had freshman year just so we can laugh a little at our past. And sometimes, most importantly, we just need to laugh and enjoy the company of people who have contributed to the best four years of our lives. 


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