Realistic and Unique Ways to Save Money!

Realistic and Unique Ways to Save Money!

As a young millennial, I am not exactly a Rockefeller. Living in Los Angeles of all places doesn't provide me with a lot of disposable income. I just barely scathe by each month and am always looking for new creative ways to make money. Of course I've read the millions of articles telling me to take online surveys or to review different sites and videos etc. If you're like me, your patience doesn't hold up against these tasks. I was completely surveys that took me 20 minutes and making $2-5 dollars. And a lot of times, I would get halfway through the survey just to find out I didn't qualify for it. So I've come up with lots of ways that I realistically save, and occasionally make, money on a daily basis! 


Something I've learned is that having a lot of stuff, makes me want more stuff. When my closet, drawers, purse, etc. are neat, organized and full of mostly essentials I don't constantly have the urge to go shopping. On the other hand, when my closet is overflowing and I develop complete distain for all of my clothing based off of stress alone, I hit the nearest Marshall's and basically just light my paycheck on fire. So I make a habit of once a month (yes you heard that right) clearing out my closet and purging my belongings. Depending on your volume of clothes or your shopping addiction you can adjust the frequency of this. It feel so great to have a completely refreshed closet, and sometimes I even make a few bucks from taking the load down to one of the resale shops in town! 


This is one you've definitely heard before, but I find it to be the most realistic rebate app out there. It also sort of makes grocery shopping fun and rewarding (pun intended). The basic concept is that each week there are new offers for cash back on items from grocery stores, Target, and places that sell both food and toiletries. You can cash out and also earn money based on your "team." If you're interested in joining just download Ibotta and use the referral code swxqapc!

Cook at Home

Cooking is not only fun, but can be extremely cost efficient. You save big bucks by spending your time cooking and enjoying a night in rather than paying for expensive drinks and overpriced food at most restaurants. Every now and then opt in for a special night in, cook yourself a good meal, and package up the leftovers for the next day at work. For tips on how to start cooking check out my blog about getting started

Beam with Confidence

This one may seem a little weird, but hear me out. When you feel great in your body, you feel much better about the things you put in it and on it. You'll feel happier when you get dressed in the morning, and you'll feel happier when you're out with friends. Instead of comparing your outfit, purse, car, etc. with everyone around you and longing for new things, find a way to embrace what you have and love the things that surround you. This will prevent you from feeling the need to BUY to fit in and will inevitably save your wallet and your self-esteem!

Use Carpool

Whether it's Uber or Lyft, make sure to take advantage of the shared rides option. Of course this is for times when you're not in an immediate hurry, but you'll thank yourself later when you realize how much you've saved in a month by sharing your ride with a fellow rider!

Take the Samples

Everyone always feels bad for taking advantage of offers, free samples, etc. People are always afraid that they'll be up sold or guilt tripped into buying a full product. These samples are there for a reason! Stop feeling guilty and get yourself some free products! My favorites to utilize are the Trader Joes tastings (yum!) and taking advantage of sampling foundations at Sephora. You never know how you're going to like it! 

Start a Change Jar 

This one is a bit more obvious but definitely helps in a money crunch. Clean out your change from your purse or pockets at night and put them in to a large mason jar by your bed. When it's full cash it out! Make sure to spend the time rolling your coins however, because companies like CoinStar take a large portion of the funds when you use their machines. You can find the rolls at your nearest Dollar Tree!

I hope these help! If you have any other ideas or tricks I'd love to hear them in the comments below!